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    richard zamudio

    If a mortar team is given an advance/run order, can the spotter also move?

    Steven Gusky

    Yes but remember the whole team will count as having moved and he can’t do his spotter ability till he remains stationary And consequently it is a fix the weapon which can’t fire on the move either so if he moves the mortar  does not fire


    Stuart Harrison

    Normally no.  This is the consequence of one being given an order or the other.  Only one gets to act each turn.

    The exception is when bringing in both from reserve, p131, Playing a Game of Bolt Action, Scenario Special Rules, Setting up Observers and Snipers, fourth para – “If a unit that has a spotter is left in reserve, the first time you successfully give the unit a successfull Run or Advance order to enter the table, the order applies to both the spotter and the unit itself, so they can both enter the table (at different points if you wish).  After this the spotter will follow it’s normal rules (see page 71).”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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