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    In “Close Quarters”, there are scenarios with new vessels, for the traditional navies but also for the Finnish and Yugoslavian.

    I wonder why you distribute such rule set but not have the relevant vessels in your sales programme?

    If you e.g. want to play with the Finnish vessels or the German Sperrbrecher 137, you have to use dummies.

    And if preparing dummies, there are no painting instructions to at least make them a little bit historical.

    Very poor marketing by Warlord/Skytrex.

    Are you going to complete the model range?


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    The last question has been answered by Skytrex when they took over the rage last month…. there are currently no plans to expand that range…

    Why distribute rules with no models /plans for making the models – well a lot of historical games use multiple manufactors, plus you get the intrest of the company management but then not the sales to warrant to further investment in to making the models.

    Turns out that skytrex where making the Cruel Seas models for warlord for a time anyway so the move just means they get the full revenue.

    There are a number of 3rd party manufactors who either sell models or STLs (3d print files) for 1/300 scale boats… as to painting guides… well thats hard for something that didnt have official paint schemes!  Also there are a number of other areas that the books could be improved in.

    invisible officer

    I’m not surprised that Walord starts another  range and then……   Being one of the crazy that likes scratch building I’m less affected than many others. I had hoped for an exension to W I.  In fact most of my hobby budget of last year went into “hardware”, antique stuff up to 1918. Like the cap of a sailor from SMS Emden.

    Cruel sea is not the only range that is handled like Cinderella by the stepmother.  Unfortunately Skytrex is not the good fairy tale end.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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