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    After being away from the hobby for a while i was really excited to get my midway start box today.

    But i gotta say im disappointed.


    First thing i noticed is that several of my planes have wings broken off. Now this is not a huge deal, likely not even Warlords fault and im sure ill get them replaced through support.

    Then i tried fitting the planes to the stands and while the japanease planes have holes too big so the planes wobble and come loose from the stands all the time, the american planes have holes too small so i risk breaking the planes or stands as i try forcing them together…

    Unsolved atm but hopefully ill get these replaced as well.


    Then i went on to punch the tokens, all of them very poorly cut so i had to use a hobby knife to cut them out so they wouldnt tear…

    Ill likely get third party tokens to replace the skill discs and such anyways…but this really puts me off a bit :/

    such a great game but such poor execution.


    Really likes the proper movement templates though, that was a neat surprise, even though i already have a set of those from etsy around somewhere.


    The initial run of boxes did have several issues.. including the planes being put in to the wrong slots before being sealed which lead to large numbers of planes being broken in transit.  And IIRC yeah WL did acknowedge the connector size issues… if you let the CS guys know I’m sure they’ll replace them all for you.

    Sound like you got one of the boxes made/shipped to distributors in the  first few months


    Ah nice, great to know!

    I dont know if there is a way to check which ”printing” of the starter i got but i think theyve been sitting on the shelf for a while so possibly from the initial release.

    Ive heard only good things about Warlords CS and the only time ive previoualy dealt with them they were awesome ao im not worried about it at all, just a little disappointed at the moment :/


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    Going off patchy memory & 2nd hand info (from the BRS readyroom FB group ,that’s run by one of the beta group I think) but its not a seperate printing but rather corrections done during printing.

    I say i’m going off 2nd hand info because neither myself nor any of my local group actually have the midway starterbox!!!


    Havent heard from CS yet but its understandable they might have a lot to do atm with the world crazy and whatnot.

    But I tried fitting the wildcats properly on the flightstands today thinking it might work with a little force. It went SNAP and one plane broke in half…Not at a wing or anything, straight through the fuselage…


    Have mailed with another image and more info to CS hoping to hear from them soon, at least to know things will be solved…But it sure is a let-down…


    As expected Customer Service comes through in force and will get my proper planes, now I just have to play the waiting game! Im disappointed by the fact that Warlord wont better support this amazing ruleset, seeing how they seem to put a lot of effort and money behind other much more nische and likely less popular games. Oh well, things are what they are.

    At least it will give me some time to research paint schemes and gather the paints I need for it.

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