• As expected Customer Service comes through in force and will get my proper planes, now I just have to play the waiting game! Im disappointed by the fact that Warlord wont better support this amazing ruleset, seeing how they seem to put a lot of effort and money behind other much more nische and likely less popular games. Oh well, things are what…[Read more]

  • Havent heard from CS yet but its understandable they might have a lot to do atm with the world crazy and whatnot.

    But I tried fitting the wildcats properly on the flightstands today thinking it might work with a little force. It went SNAP and one plane broke in half…Not at a wing or anything, straight through the fuselage…


    Have mailed…[Read more]

  • Ah nice, great to know!

    Ive heard only good things about Warlords CS and the only time ive previoualy dealt with them they were awesome ao im not worried about it at all, just a little disappointed at the moment :/


  • After being away from the hobby for a while i was really excited to get my midway start box today.

    But i gotta say im disappointed.


    First thing i noticed is that several of my planes have wings broken off. Now this is not a huge deal, likely not even Warlords fault and im sure ill get them replaced through support.

    Then i tried fitting the…[Read more]