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    Going on from comments else where about the lend lease aircraft not getting cards for every nation that flew them, is there going to be a master list of which nations can use which aircraft?

    ie which version of Spits can the USAF use, and which can the USSR? Which 109s can a Hungarian airforce use?

    Thinking from a pick up gaming /tournament view here


    Sorry – missed this

    Hungarian Airforce operated Es, Fs & Gs
    US 31st & 52nd Fighter Groups used Spitfire Mk Vs, later converting to MkIX IIRC

    Soviets got Spitfire Mk Vs and IXs but didnt like them

    Hope that helps


    thanks for the info.. however, sorry didnt explain myself correctly :\, its not quite what I was aksing for.

    I was asking if WL would do an ‘Air forces of WW2’ style download* which is a list of planes that exist in the game and either:
    a) minor nations flew
    b) major nations used that are in the game under a different major nation.

    Which can then be used in tournaments, and for pick up games with people you don’t know, so you are not having to pullout the history books going actually the X did use Y aircraft

    *ok I know this is probably a bit much especially as the BRS Errata & FAQs arent on the main site…..

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    I’ll speak to Andy. His usual position is that this sort of thing is down to Tournament Organisers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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