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    invisible officer

    Not being “allowed” to buy new toy stuff I looked in my boxes of unpainted stuff. There was a Warlord Chi-Ha that I bought a long time ago at bargain price in a local shop.

    The three MG pits are my Japanese “army”. Please ignore them. Well, I have a box of unpainted Warlord metal Japanese.

    The Chi-Ha was a maximum 25 mm cardboard armored tank. The gun unable to penetrate a Sherman or Lee from the front. In 1939 it was no bad tank but in the battles of 1944 it was a Kamikaze one.

    invisible officer

    May be I start a full army.

    The tank’s kanji sign can be read as Samurai but also as 11.

    Dr Dave

    Looking good IO

    Get about 50 T-34/85s and you’ll have the right ratios for the Manchurian shower that fought against 1st Red Banner army in 45! Plus the Russians fought against other opponents to.

    Great thing about the Japs is that since they hide in cover so much you could just use pill boxes and then get some USMC to winkle the little fellas out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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