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    I reckon this might be kind of a weird question. I have been using Bolt action single infantry sprues to go along their boxed sets for a long time. However, with the launch of the northern african plastics, I wonder whether there is a release date, or the intention to release, separate plastic sprues of both the brits and the DAK. I have the impression that warlords is discontinuing the policy of selling single sprues, since the new americans nor winter germans are avalaible that way. Has anyone around here have any information in that regard? Otherwise I may just email warlord games tosee what they say.

    Stuart Harrison

    There’s usually a delay of a few months between release of a new plastic box set and the single sprues becoming available. I wouldn’t read too much into the fact the latest sets haven’t made it yet.

    Jim Ripley

    As Stuart said , it takes a while for new single sprues to make they’re way to the shop . But the last few plastics , Winter Russians & Germans as well as German FJs are being sold as singles . So we’l just have to wait…..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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