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    I have a question relatuinf to shooting.

    As I understand it, a large unit shooting adds 1 extra dice compared to a standard sized unit. Does this apply in all circumstances? E.g. a large unit in mixed formation  – does it shoot 1 diec or 2?





    Garry Wills

    I apply it such that mixed formations always have 1 dice, which is the literal interpretation of the rules. Giving them an extra skirmisher die doubles their fire power with only a 50% increase in numbers.


    I agree with Mr Wills.  I think the extra shooting die only applies to units in line.  Units in column or mixed formation get no incremental shooting benefit.

    Big Al

    I agree with Gary, too. When in Mixed Formation, it is the skirmish screen that is firing, not the whole unit. As only a small proportion of the unit is deployed as a skirmish screen, giving it an extra die based on the size of the unit would be unrealistic.

    Same thing if the unit is in Attack Column, really.


    Thank you for the replies. However, would question the number of skirmishers involved. In mixed order, “as close to one third of the unit” is deployed in the skirmish line. If you take the standard unit as being 24 infantry, then a large unit is 36 infantry, and a small unit would be 12 infantry.

    One third of the large unit is the same size as a small unit of skirmishers, but would shoot half the dice. For the standard unit, it would only deploy 8 men, which is substantially less than the small unit.

    Big Al

    Well, I’ve been playing BP since day one. All my standard units are 36 figures, which is what they were, generally, before Warlord decided to subtly raise the prices by reducing the number of figures in a box.

    That is not helpful, though. What is helpful is to know, or remember that there is no figure count in the game. The only thing that is important is the unit frontage. That is what denotes the unit size. Not even depth matters!

    So, going on how many figures make up a third is not really how it works. Originally, in BP1, you will have seen the many photos of units, all based like mine (the same bases and setup as in the Perry plastic kits). That is 6 bases or stands to a unit. One third of the unit is two bases, regardless of the unit size, large or standard. Two bases just get a single shot when out as a skirmish screen.

    Also, while they are skirmishing in a Mixed Formation, they do not count as sharpshooters, so get no +1 modifier to their shooting. They do count the -1 to hit when shot at from the front, although casualties count on the whole unit. However, like all skirmishers, they have little or no effect against artillery fire.

    Dr Dave

    We’ve always played mixed formation gets one die. It’s all a fudge anyway. French line 1/6 skirmish – so about 100 men in reality. In a British bttn it’s only 1/10, so about 60 men. The questions should be is the effect about right. I think the answer is “yes”.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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