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    Page 71 of the rules say that “When firing HE shells using indirect fire, a 6 is required to hit, regardless of any modifier.” We have always played that even if you have several pins and pass an order test, the indirect HE still hits on a 6. The argument is on subsequent shots. One side says it drops each turn the HE shoots at the same target disregarding all pins. The other side says that it doesn’t modify worse than a 6, but you count pins until you get to 6. For example, a mortar has zeroed in and needs a 2 to hit. It receives 2 pins before being able to fire. Does it still hit on a 2, or does it now need a 4 due to the 2 pins?

    Stuart Harrison

    You are correct, indirect is ‘regardless of any modifier’ from the start and doesn’t re-introduce them later in the process.

    For them to be correct, there would then need to be a clause re-introducing modifiers to the ranging in process – there is no such clause.

    The total lack of modifiers other than the ranging in process is pretty much the defining point of indirect fire in Bolt Action – if you’re going to re-introduce pins, what about inexperienced? Small Unit? Cover? None of those are mentioned as re-introduced, any more than pins are.

    Simon Doyle

    The firer would need to take a Fire order test to fire if it has pins. If the order is passed then the mortar hits on whatever it needs. If it’s already hit the target on a previous turn then it needs a 2+. It is the order test that is the element here that is impacted by pins.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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