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    Gao Qiu

    I think the base rules are great, probably the most accessible to new players I’ve ever read, and also great at recreating scenes from our favourite movies.

    However, ToH being a narrative game, our group settled on a few alterations.

    Shot in the back

    A cavalry model may charge up to 9′.

    Sergeant of Archery
    Max 1 per army.
    Either Teppo or Yumi Ashigaru within 3′ get +1 die to their strike roll when they shoot.

    Max 1 per army.
    After the Sergeant makes a move action, he can order a friendly Ashigaru within 6′ to charge as a free action.

    Max 1 per army.

    Max 1 per army.

    Teppo Ashigaru
    Terror: A model targeted by a missed teppo shot must pass a test of honour.
    If the test is failed, the target must take an avoid action.

    Mission cards are not shuffled with the skill cards.
    Instead, one random mission card is dealt to each player at the start of a game.

    When drawing from the skill deck, draw 2 cards and keep up to one. The rest is discarded.

    I’m curious to see which custom rules others have come up with. 🙂


    Thanks for sharing. I like that they place or extend value on particular skills and proficiencies. They also seem to prompt a need for refined tactical savvy. The next time I play, I am going to consult these for appropriate use.


    One we are experimenting with locally is to build a deck of cards to draw from, say two or three times the maximum number of cards you can have – a player able to put into that deck whatever cards they want from those they have.

    point is to increase the chances of getting relevant cards to the force you have (e.g. the faction specific ones), and to remove cards that have no value (e.g. missile bonuses on a force with no missile weapons and similar)

    Quest cards may be included if the player wishes (or excluded when not playing linked scenarios etc)


    I’ve been using 24 cards in a deck chosen and from all expansions; seems to be about right, I calculated 12 was the maximum cards drawn, I can’t remember how I arrived at that figure, but it sounds like it’s right and if that’s OK, then the 24 cards gives enough leeway.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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