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    Any reasons to not give Partisans access to the the following vehicles?

    • Light Truck (Per Armies of Japan, identical to US/Lend Lease 3/4th ton truck and Sealion’s civilian van in all but name. 31pts for 8 men transport)
    • Heavy Truck (Per US Mack Heavy Truck. 63 points for 24 men)
    • Motorboat (Per Sea Lion. Waterborne at 20 points for 6 men)
    • Bicycles (Per everything. +1 pt per model. Not technically a vehicle)

    It seems odd to me this weren’t options since they fit within “civilian” status. Heavy Truck especially since partisans lack vehicles large enough to transport a whole squad at full strength. Was there any special reason they don’t have these options?

    Also for a more extreme leap, I thoughts on this alternate special rule idea? Replacing Hidden Bomb:
    [quote=Insurgent]When Infantry are used for Outflanking, rather than being limited to Left and Right edges, the partisan player may also select any clearly identified civilian building that hidden units in would not be revealed at the time the order is issued, and is not within an opponent’s setup zone. If so, infantry may be ordered onto the tabletop inside or adjacent to this building (or its ruins). If no civilian buildings are present outside of opposing setup zones at the start of a game, replace this rule with Hidden Bomb.[/quote]



    Another one. Applicable to both partisans and “Last Levy” troops (Volksturm, Volksgrenadiers, Hitler Youth, plus any in Last Levy selector)

    The entire squad can be given the Ammo Shortages special rule for -2 pts per model.

    Ammo Shortages: Partisans were often under equipped, forced to scavenge arms and ammo from their fallen enemies./Desperate to arm the last defenders of Berlin, Germany resorted to issuing captured weapons with no reliable ammo supply. Roll a d6 after this unit fires.

    • 1: Out of ammo. This unit can’t fire for the rest of the game (but can participate in close combat). One-shot weapons are not effected.
    • 2: Ammo low. The unit may fire one more time after this, then runs out of ammo as above
    • 3 or higher: Ammo OK. The unit has enough ammo to fire normally.

    If a unit with this rule destroys an enemy infantry squad (not team) in close combat, remove this rule from models without Assault Rifles (units who ran out of ammo may fire again as normal).

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    The partisan list was written as the French Resistance… and it shows…

    re bicycles – seems logical to me…
    motorboats – sealion is a campaign book written after the armies of… plus how often is the bronekater used in Soviet lists, you are at the mercy of the board if you can use them – so scenario only transport I’d say….

    As to the deployment special rule, have you looked at the Japanese tunnel network rule from the Pilau campaign book?


    Hey, I’m under zero delusions anyone actually plays on maps where naval units are useful with any regularity. I just think it’s one to include for completeness than anything. Especially since every faction gets landing craft (though, at least as far as I can tell, there aren’t any land locked factions going by WW2 era borders).

    Palau is not a book I have access to. Don’t know the rule you’re referring to.

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