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    Hello there!

    I have a question for the hidden set-up special rule in combination with the dug-in special rule below:

    „Where indicated in the scenario, units can be dug-in at the start of the game (for scenarios where it is not specifically mentioned as a rule of thumb a unit that can use hidden set-up is allowed to be dug-in). These units must be deployed on the tabletop at the start of the scenario and may be subject to the hidden set-up rules as well. Dug-in Units are still placed on the table in the usual way, and must be marked in some fashion to show that they are hidden.“

    The hidden set-up rule says:

    „Where indicated in the scenario, units can be hidden at the start of the game. These units must be deployed in such a way that they are either entirely in cover to all enemies that can see them, or else out of sight of enemy altogether.“

    So this sounds to me that a unit potentially can be hidden AND/OR dug-in, right?

    The only thing that sounds weird to me is this situation:

    A unit of my army is deployed hidden (behind hard cover) AND is dug-in as well. When under enemy fire my opponent would get -5 (for hidden in hard cover) AND -2 (for dug-in) …?!? (When going down my people even geht an additional -2 to get hit – so -9 altogether in this case …)

    Could this be correct? Thanks for your help.


    well the thing is when you get to ‘needing more than a 6’ to hit any extra modifiers are pointless…. as its still 6 followed by 6 to hit…. the only thing that the extra negative modifers do is counter any positive mods.

    pg 53

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