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    Fred Brannan

    So, page 119 of the 2nd edition says that recce vehicles may wait until a hit is scored before deciding to escape/recce “…just like a unit deciding to go down when hit by HE”. But that is clearly not the case. Units declare ‘down’ or not before the firing player makes a ‘to hit’ roll. By this reading a Greyhound AC declares to recce before shot at by a Tiger, but may wait until hit by a Brummbar to decide. Really? Something smells funny. Any thoughts/enlightenment out there?

    Master Chief

    This was printed in the latest FAQ:

    Page 119, Escape Reaction. The second paragraph will be changed to read as follows:

    The enemy’s shot is then resolved as normal. If the target has moved out of range or sight then the unit shoots and automatically misses. Note that if firing at a recce vehicle with HE, decide to escape or not right before the firer measures the range to the target, just like a unit deciding to go Down when hit by HE.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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