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    Michael Huxley

    Hi all,

    I am needing some advise on Late War German Pioniers. Warlord supply a set that says it’s for “Early or Mid War”, but what would be different for a late war squad? Is it uniform or some other things, and how would you go about making them from warlord plastic figures?

    I do have a set as supplied by them, so what advise does anybody have on making up a squad of Late War from these?

    Thanks in advance,

    invisible officer

    The big difference of the Warlord Pionier set is the uniform, tyical for early – mid war.

    The contents:

    I think most would not have a closer look on the Minensuchgerät type Wien 41.(Year of order) So not France 1940 and replaced later war with Frankfurt 42 and others.

    The Granatbüchse 39 was used until end of war to fire AT rifle grenades and HE.

    The ladder like item is a Gestreckte Ladung to blow gaps in barbed wire. Used all over WW II. Same with the large AT mine.

    Goliath was first used 1942 so that part of the set is clearly not early war. And to add a captured Sowviet SMG is clearly 1941/41, not 39/40.

    The Warlord set includes just normal Pioniere, no special assault ones. Each unit had flamethrowers and explosives.

    Michael Huxley

    Many thanks for your reply.As it was mainly uniforms that differed, then I could use the “Late War” sprue along with the metal back packs and equipment in the Pionier set to make up a Late War squad?


    invisible officer

    Sure, you may use the parts for conversions.

    But you might also scratch the equipment. Loops of wire for: Wire. Rectangular parts for explosives. A prone one with knive searching mines.

    Goliath and Flamethrower had been sold with late war crews. I’m to lazy to have a look now. 😉

    The metal heavy backpacks in the plastic set had been hardly worn in action late war.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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