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    Mark Barker

    Unpacking my reward pack from The Dice Saloon’s “Battle of Brighton” BRS event yesterday I was surprised to see an RAF Logo on Dolfo’s Galland’s Ace Skill disc ?

    Suspecting a printing error (perhaps limited to a particular batch) I was about go back to Warlord when I looked at the website and saw the RAF roundel showing on all the Ace discs.

    What gives ?

    I know Galland wanted a staffel of Spitfires, but this does seem a bit extreme …

    Mark Barker


    There are two versions of this story

    The first is that all the Aces in the first release have RAF Roundels as the set was released to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the RAF in 2018


    The second is that someone at Warlord had a cut and paste error on the design

    Choose one – Having done my fair share of cut and paste I know which I believe 🙂

    I just used the otherwise redundant stickers that come with them to put the “correct” markings on the base, and they fit perfectly


    Third option would be: British Intelligence sneaky work 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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