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    East Norfolks

    A few more queries for anyone that can help:

    -British rocket troop.  What stamina is it?  Is it the same as horse artillery?

    -Foot artillery movement.  I’ve seen a few threads on this but not sure of the final conclusion.  Under the main BP2 rules (not supplements/house rules) can a foot artillery unit with a successful order for three Moves – limber, Move and then unlimber/deploy to shoot in that same Turn?

    -Shrapnel.  I know it is not in the main rules but at medium range, isn’t three dice hitting on 5+ the same as 2 dice on 4+?  I’m not brilliant at probability so likely to be a dumb question but it has always bugged me.



    Shrapnel… not to be to nerdy… but yes but 3D6 hitting on 5s and @D6 hitting on 4s have the same expected value… “1 hit”.  But they have very different outcome distributions including upper ranges.  So with 2D6 you are more likely to have more 0 hits and 2hits.  With 3D6, you are less likely to miss and can even inflict as many as 3 hits.  So, while over a long period of time both average out to the same, on an individual shot, the range of outcomes is far greater with shrapnel suggesting a direct hit is more “punishing” but likewise it is also more likely to inflict minor damage.

    Big Al

    Regarding the rockets, as they are foot artillery, I would say that they have the same stamina. They are not as mobile as horse artillery, which is the trade off for the low stamina level given to horse artillery. That is something that is often overlooked by those who criticise the mobility given to horse artillery in the game. Once the unit becomes shaken it is very likely to break or retreat out of range of the fight. The rocket team would also be manhandled, so would have the same movement as foot artillery. Again, as with foot artillery, you can hitch it up and move it, but it would take much longer to do than horse artillery, which means that it can limber up and move or move and unlimber. Unlike horse artillery, which can limber, move and unlimber in the same move (that’s what some don’t like, but don’t seem to mind the fragile nature of the unit).

    As to shrapnel, I would go with what Mike has said, really.

    East Norfolks

    Many thanks both. Sorry to labour the point but just to be completely clear. So a foot battery can limber, do one move, unlimber and shoot all in one Turn, provided has an order for three movies. Correct?

    Agree with all your other points on horse artillery and shrapnel. Thanks!

    Garry Wills

    Yes, see the moving artillery by horse section of the rules. Personally I don’t allow units to fire if they have moved more than once, a rule introduced in the Last Argument of Kings and Clash of Eagles supplements.



    East Norfolks

    Excellent thanks Garry

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