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  • Hi Al

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I may well have got some of this wrong – hence my questions to the forum.  However, please remember this was purely a very simple theoretical question on a 1:1 scenario of British Guard in line vs French Old Guard in column.  I totally accept that in a full game there is much more you can do (as Mike points o…[Read more]

  • FYI – just worked out what this is about.  The Epic Battles rule set has a new rule for French cavalry – “Cavalry Column of Attack”.  Sorry – bit slow to realise this…

  • Many thanks for the comments – good to know I wasn’t doing anything wrong technically!

    I actually started looking at this issue after re-reading a thread from last year on large units where we concluded that a large British Guard unit technically had the stats 9/5/3+/5, which seemed really powerful especially when paired with First Fire and…[Read more]

  • I have been play testing numerous times a very simple scenario of a French Old Guard infantry battalion (standard size unit in Attack Column) charging a British Guard infantry battalion (large size unit in line).  The French win virtually every time!  Is this correct?

    I have the British stats at a seemingly very powerful 9/5/3+/5 with First F…[Read more]

  • My understanding is, yes.  You initiate the charge process by giving a command in the Command phase.  Para 1 of page 30 says “we don’t worry whether it is possible to enact the charge at this stage”.

    Note, a charge process can have several moves (up to 3) but only the move that brings them into base contact is the actual charge move – second…[Read more]

  • Thanks Garry – yes what you (and CTG) say all makes a lot of common sense. Will have to think through my house rules a bit further…

  • Thanks for the reply as always Garry but I’m even more confused now!

    I follow the maths but I’m not sure what your final interpretation of the rules is?  What would you do in this situtation?

    I really like BP2 and try not to get too bogged down by the technicalities (although I clearly fail on this sometimes) but I really wish these situations…[Read more]

  • Thanks CTG – very helpful.  I wish the rules were clearer on these types of situations but your house rule does seem a sensible solution.

  • Many thanks for the reply CTG.

    Whilst I think your point makes a lot of common sense, I always struggle with this scenario as it is not what the main BP2 rules actually say.

    P45 states “a unit’s ability to see is always judged from the centre of the unit’s front rank” and the diagram at the bottom of P47 says the shot is only “not clear” whe…[Read more]

  • Hi all

    Is my reasoning for a clear shot correct (see attached pic)?

    1. Is there a clear line of sight from the centre of the red unit frontage to any point on the blue unit?  YES
    2. Is blue unit is in range?  YES
    3. Is the blue unit the nearest clear target? YES
    4. Can at least half of the blue unit be seen from the centre of the red unit’s fro…

    [Read more]

  • Thanks Garry.  That’s what I thought but then saw the attached section of the new Epic Battle rules showing Cavalry as an Attack Column.  Any ideas what this means?


  • Maybe a silly question but can cavalry form Attack Columns?


  • East Norfolks replied to the topic About Face in the forum Black Powder 1 year, 5 months ago

    Thanks both.  Sorry to keep coming up with these technical points but at least your discussion above shows I wasn’t being slow on the uptake and that it is, in fact, not completely clear!

    As per my initial post, I was also looking at the rule on page 36.  My thought now is that, strictly by the wording of the rules, you can reverse each base of t…[Read more]

  • Hello all – quick question on movement.

    The rules allow units to “About Face” 180 degrees (p36) but what is the movement deduction for this, if any?

    If I have a line facing due north but want to wheel it to face south-west (say an enemy unit suddenly appears coming round the flank and rear) , do you:

    (a) assume the whole line wheels 135 deg…[Read more]

  • Thanks Al – I agree with most of what you say except “all Unclear Target does is excuse you from shooting at the closest target”.  This is not quite correct – it also gives you a -1 to hit modifier which can be important, especially in decisive moments.

  • Thanks Al

    I guess on the Unclear Targets I’m basically asking whether to assess “less than half” on frontage or area, as there may theoretically be some situations where the frontage is less than half but clearly the mass of the unit is within the FoF.  However, I accept it is quite a pedantic point I’m making and I should probably just take the…[Read more]

  • Thanks Garry – all clear now I think.

    Just to complete the discussion, attached is a pic of the “FoF” in EB.  Implies, I believe, 18″ measured from any point on the formation frontage.  How this is consistent with the same rules saying to measure from the leader base is beyond me.

    Anyway, as mentioned I’m going to ignore all this and stick to t…[Read more]

  • Thanks guys – really appreciate the input.

    I agree with a lot of what you say but I do think that EB has “changed” the rules, at least in respect of range measurement.  As per the diagram below from p41 of EB, it is clearly being measured from the corners of the Leader Base.

    That said, this thread has really helped me refine my thoughts and I…[Read more]

  • Many thanks Garry – as always, very helpful.

    Also, I just realised that (somewhat ironically!) I was not precise enough in my own language.  When I referred to “Leader Model” I meant “Leader Base” i.e. one of the four bases of a standard unit in EB, not the actual leader mini figure itself.  Nevertheless the differences remain and EB still r…[Read more]

  • Hello all

    I’ve recently got a copy of the A5 Epic Battle (EB) rules and compared them to the main Black Powder 2 (BP2) rules that I already have and noticed a few differences that are really confusing me, as follows:

    Visibility.  The diagram on p39 of EB shows visibility being measured from any point on the frontage of the Leader model.  The dia…[Read more]

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