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    Hi all

    Italy soft underbelly pag.163
    180 pts regular

    D-day Overlord pag. 266
    150 pts regular

    What’s the correct one?





    Well…. both!

    Campaign book stats are really only supposed to be used in scenarios from that book… most do have the ability to be taken in generic platoons and used for pickup gaming.  Due to the perceved power level of the naval observer I’d double check that there are no differences in the rules on the model & if its a new author doing a points change… (so use the new points if no change in rules, otherwise use the points for the rules your using)


    Thanks Nat

    But, there there is no difference between the two and also in easyarmy the naval of the soft underbelly book is valued 150 points. All this makes me think of an error in the valorization within the book soft underbelly



    two things on easy army, and why is a guide and not the final word…..

    1) Its one guy who isnt employed by warlord… he does it off his own back, and although warlord do (currently) promote it they don’t control it (they are in progress with creating an official one app that has list builders for all their games….not sure where its at currently, last I saw it was in an early beta with some of the smaller games such as BRS)

    2) the way he does it means that minor changes might not be added… he’s just allowed the Naval Observer to be used in Soft Underbelly lists,  he might not have even noticed that they have different costs.

    For example – He did add a single theater list special rule (from the US DDay book) to all German veteran HMGs because of how the backend of the site is put together last year

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