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    Fred Brannan

    Do you make d6 attacks on a vehicle (resolving each one) or just one?

    Stuart Harrison

    D6 hits. In first edition, HE was errated down to a single hit vs vehicles, flamethrowers never were reduced though some people assumed the same change.

    Second edition, vehicles do not get any special mention with the number of hits so take the same number of hits as any other unit. They take a single hit with HE as they are one model under the template.


    “If you score a hit with a flamethrower the number of hits is multiplied into D6 (or D6+1 in the case of vehicle-mounted flamethrower).”
    Sounds like an exhaustive answer to the question about the number of hits.
    By the way, in 2nd editions the flamethrower is not HE weapon.

    Personally, I still have a question, how many pin markers does a vehicle with 11+ armor, 1+d3, or d3, or 0 get?

    there is certainly a rule that says:
    “Fully enclosed veteran vehicles are only pinned by hits that are powerful enough to damage them.”

    but there is another rule that says:
    “Any unit hit by a flamethrower takes 1 pin marker because it has been hit, and a further D3 pin markers to account for the unbridled terror unleashed upon it, for a total of D3+1 pin markers on the target.”

    it turns out that the king tiger veteran ignores 1 pin marker for a hit, but he get an extra g3 not for hit but for “the unbridled terror unleashed upon it” i.e. for the horror of the flame and not hit itself.
    it turns out that my king tiger, or my armored all round KV-1 receive only d3 pin markers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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