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    I’ve got a couple of questions on the Firefight rules, brought about by the 1 man = 1 unit concept:
    1) How do squad weapons that fire multiple shots work? Do I have to fire all the shots from a MG at the same unit (man)?
    2) How to assaults work? If an an assault is one unit vs one unit, does that mean it’s really just one man assaulting one man?

    Tom Mecredy

    Hi Phil,

    In answer to your questions;
    – 1: With the rules as written, yes – weapons firing multiple shots have to be fired at the same unit (man.) A variant you could try is that if an attack hits successfully, roll another one against a target within 6″ of the original target, reducing the weapon’s total shots by -1 each time. If an attack misses, you cannot target another unit.

    These rules are entirely unofficial and in a state of flux, so we may be updating them as the campaign progresses.

    – 2: Yes, that’s exactly how assaults work in Firefight!

    Brad Eichelberger

    We were giving mg teams an area effect. They can shoot at 1 man as normal, or take a -1 to hit and use a template. Lmg gets the 3″ mmg gets the 4″ hmg gets the 2″. We did the hmg smaller because it balances out the slower rate of fire and added pen.


    I have a question about HE. This is my interpretation of the rules, and I was curious if I’m correct:

    I fire a light mortar and hit my target. So the intended target is hit once and then everyone within 1 inch of him is hit once as well since a light mortar uses the 1 inch template. If I was using a medium mortar then it would be everyone within 2 inches of the original target right?

    Also a second question:

    The recent additional rules that was added to the FAQ article adds hand grenades. They are listed as having a D2 HE attack, shouldn’t this be a template instead? (a 1 inch template I assume)

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    Bill M.

    Hi Gents,

    Where can I get the FIREFIGHT rules?


    Tom Mecredy

    Absolutely correct, Matthew. Hand grenades use a 1″ template.

    Cat Shot One

    Bill, here you go:

    Some of the Bolt Action scenarios on that page are meant for this experimental set of skirmish rules.


    Hi Tom, several rules questions here sorry:
    1. If as you stated in earlier post assaults are treated as 1 vs 1, then how do you handle an assault on 1 figure by a multitude of figures given the same order to assault by either the LT. or the Sgt.?
    2.How about an assault on a building by either a lone figure versus multiple figures in the building, or multiple figures assaulting multiple figures also in a building, or lastly multiple figures vs lone figure in a building?
    3.Grenade attack versus figures not in a building, use 1″template and in lieu of D3 hits, only hits one figure then based on template hits rest? Correct so far? Please Explain.
    Now how about a Grenade attack on a building? Here is the situation, American figure is given an advance order so it moves its 6 inches and is now 5 inches from a building occupied by three German figures. He promptly throws a grenade and its resolved like this: -1 shooting at long range Greater than 3 inches) +1 shooting at Point blank range (less than 6 Inches) – 1 for moving and firing and that is it. The – 2 for the Building Cover and -1 for small team is not used because the shooter is targeting the wall of the building per HE rules. Is this correct?
    Lastly Why would anyone spend the points for a 1st Lt when hes really no different than a 2nd Lt since both can command ANY number of figures as long as they are within 12 inches and do the same thing as he does? Is there something that we are missing since the activation rules of the main game are not used in Firefight? Please Explain.
    Thanks for you help and sorry for the long question.

    Bill M.

    Hi Cat Shot One,




    Hello Tom Mecredy, have you had a chance to review the questions I posted for the DDay campaign rules set? Dont mean to be pressing but we have not been able to play any if the Bolt Action scenarios unless we get some clarifications?
    Thank you for your help.

    Tom Mecredy

    The rule states that all activated figures must be given the same order as the officer in question and act simultaneously with the chosen action. In this case, resolve the assault as normal using the procedure in the main Bolt Action core rulebook, with the following exception – ignore the Loser is Destroyed portion of the combat flow.

    Ex: Rich decides to assault a lone German sniper, pinned down in the open by machinegun fire. He activates his NCO and uses a Group Order to activate two nearby riflemen. He issues a Run order to all three models to get them into close assault with the sniper.

    After moving into base contact with the sniper, Rich rolls three dice, one for each of the attacking models. By some miracle, he fails to score any hits. The German sniper retaliates and causes one casualty. Rich removes one of his riflemen and play continues.

    2. See above. Bolt Action treats fighting in buildings like manning a defensive position – both sides roll dice simultaneously.

    3. Hand grenades use a 1” template – as per the HE rules, they inflict a single hit against the target and an additional hit against all other models within 1” of the original target. Buildings can be targeted with hand grenades – it inflicts D3 hits against all models on the targeted floor, as per the normal HE rules. Shooting modifiers apply as per the normal shooting rules.

    4. Firefight is intended to be a narrative-driven experience, players are encouraged to create forces that fit their campaign or scenario. These are a set of experimental rules that were released early to support our campaign and allow us to have a bit of fun on our lunch. Try not to think too hard about balance and just have a bit of fun.


    I don’t understand how MMG works in Firefight.

    A) I attack a model, throw 5 dices to a single model, at least one dice hits the model, I can attack second model within 6” reducing the number of shots by 1, repeat.

    B) I attack a model, throw 1 dice to a single model, if dice hits the model I can continue second dice to same model or another within 6” reducing the number of shots by 1, repeat.

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