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    Reading rulebook I understand that:

    – target unit is behind a building, tall wall, or other obstruction of sight
    – only one or more models are in sight. Firer have LOS with only one or more models
    – Firer is a sniper or other unit that made an exceptional damage
    – Firer can chose to kill a model out of sight

    While this thing makes sense in the generic case (the bullet bounces or penetrates the obstruction and hits an NCO for example), it makes less sense in the case of the sniper. If the NCO, for example, is out of sight, how do the sniper aim to a model out of sight (ignoring in addition the difficulties of coverage)? He can aim ignoring the difficulties of cover the models in sight.

    However, apart from this consideration, did I understand the regulation correctly?


    you are understanding it correctly.

    The reason is your men do not stand still waiting for their turn to move, they are in constant motion.

    Perhaps the man hit has moved forward to peep around a corner or the sniper has found a gap in the cover not represented on the battlefield.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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