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    On my image, I have a pair of units attacking an enemy pair. One enemy has to give ground. The winner doesn’t follow them.

    So now we have 1 unit with friend (the winner of the first fight) on its flank  vs  1 enemy. Does the friend get to support this new fight?

    Sorry for bombard of questions, hoping these help others too.


    Big Al

    Don’t apologise. That is the purpose of this forum.

    In your situation, yes the victorious unit can support the following combat.

    This is why you choose the order that the combats are resolved. What a victorious unit does is entirely up to you. The only exception would be certain Special rules, for example Fanatics, who would have to follow up on the defeated enemy. That would take you back to the beginning of this paragraph – you would likely start with the non fanatic unit first.

    You have a number of options open to you when your unit wins the combat and one of those is to stay where it is. Do not think that all combat is simultaneous. It is not and that is probably what brought this question up.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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