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    Caleb Fisher

    I’ve been trying to look all over for any answers on this topic, but I can’t find anythi g that says otherwise. Here are my questions.


    1. Can units disembark a transport and enter a building via a run? That being, can I advance a transport, then run the passengers all within 1 inch of a building entrance, and then enter said building all in one turn?

    2. Can units disembark the turn their transport arrives from reserve, assuming it did not run?

    This last one is the most extreme example.

    3. If the answers to the two questions above is yes, can I then advance a transport from reserves, disembark using a run, then have said unit enter a building assuming they all meet the requirements for entering buildings?

    All that being said, I think question 2 is an obvious yes, but 1 and 3 are the ones I am most unsure of. I get that units cannot charge from a transport, nor disembark from one that has run (unless it went down). I also get that units cannot disembark from a transport only to load into another transport, but this does not seem to apply to buildings. The only reason I started all this questioning was because of what was mentioned on page 121 for entering buildings. It says “Note that this is comparable to the procedure for a unit mounting into a transport vehicle.” While it says it is comparable procedurally, it never explicitly says you cannot enter a building after dismounting a transport, unlike the transport section on page 116 that says “Although a unit can use a Run action to dismount from a vehicle, it is not allowed to use this move to make an assault upon an enemy in the same turn, nor can it mount another transport in the same move.”

    I think that the reason that this rule exists for transports is to prevent a chain effect of driving up a transport, disembarking/loading into another, only to have that transport drive to another and repeat. Buildings can’t abuse this in the same way, so I was leaning towards it being an okay set of actions.

    Anyways, any help/thoughts are appreciated, thanks!

    Stuart Harrison

    1. Yes, you can enter a building.  You cannot assault or board another transport.

    2.  Yes.

    3.  Yes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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