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    I’m getting into Bolt Action, playing late war German SS/FJs and one thing that bothers me is the 1/56 scale. Has anyone ever had a problem playing 1/48? I would really like to get into a more realistic scale, but don’t want to waste money for nothing.

    Alan Hamilton

    I have not played in 1/48 but have played in both 1/56 (32mm figures)and 1/72 (25mm figures). Of the two the more visually pleasing is 1/72 as figures do not look “crowded” together on the same sized bases and AFVs do not dominate the terrain. Going up to 1/48 (37mm figures) should not be too difficult. The bigger figures will just appear closer together and the buildings a little bit bigger.


    I was just looking at getting the Tigers, Panthers, Pumas, Panzer IVs, Brummbars, etc. not the troops or anything small like Kettenkrads or Schwimmwagens.


    I don’t think it’s a problem playing in 1/48 scale and you will get a better quality model. The problem comes when you start mixing 1/48 and 1/56 vehicles together. Small vehicles mix ok but as soon as you go up to big stuff like a Jadgtiger there is a huge difference. Saying that some of the scales of things are completely off anyway. I am assembling two gliders at the moment and the 1/56 glider is bigger than the 1/48 scale model ?

    Rex Withers

    I think its just on of those things where unless you never play with anyone else you are sort of herded that way. Most people use the 1/56 vehicles and smaller buildings and trees as well (the mass market buildings are certainly not true to scale).

    I think its also partly about table space, if you each put a couple of full sized vehicles and buildings on the table its very crowded, If you use full sized trees you wont be able to see or reach your minis. 🙂

    Used to drive me nuts but I’m used to it now. Couple of examples of 1/56 I think you will find it looks fair:




    Just happened to have two Jadgtiger`s on the build so you can compare.

    1st up a 1/56 scale next to a 1/48 scale.

    Next up a Bolt Action figure next to 1/48 scale.

    And last a Bolt Action figure next to a 1/56 scale vehicle.


    I played BA using my Flames of War V3 15mm models without a problem. The only thing is that multiple figures are based on one stand. That’s not a problem as the figures in a unit have to stay within range of each anyway. Losses can be recorded by putting a chit on/next to the base until all are casualty.

    Tim Haslam

    1/48 and 1/56 is just a matter of choice, some prefer the bigger models because some of the 28mm figures are rather heroic in stature.
    I’ve got a few bolt action forces, some with 1/56 vehicles and some with 1/48 or 1/50 die cast vehicles.

    The only rule to stick to is pick only one scale for your force. Don’t mix them. After that it’s all gravy.

    If someone you play try’s to get some advantage because he’s using a different scale to you, then your playing the wrong person!
    (1/43 is way too big and 1/60 is way too small, don’t use either)

    It’s a matter of it just looking good to you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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