• I find the rules to get into a line of battle somewhat cumbersome. One has to get very precisely with ones bow onto the wake marker of the ship sailing in front. Ships must sail at battle sails. Given the fact that ships are obliged to sail their entire move, this might prove rather difficult. Further more wake makers vary in size according to the…[Read more]

  • very interesting. I have a hot wire cutter and may attempt to make something like that out of dense foam

  • Vincent replied to the topic quick reference sheet in the forum Black Seas 4 years, 1 month ago

    I found this one on internet and used it since. Thanks for drawing it up. The only thin I misss is the ciritical damage chart. It turns out that this is needed quite often (page 21 I now know by heart)

  • The thing is not because the target is smaller. That’s dealt with in the modifier. The thing is it was simply ‘not done’. It wasn’t the honorable thing to do. This sentiment did matter in those days. Another example of this: it was perfectly viable to surrender to a bigger ship, but not before the bigger ship had fired at least one gun in the…[Read more]

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    Admitedly without the national rules I played a couple of games British versus Spanish. The Spanish did score some smashing victories. The last game was scenario 2 Letter of Marque. The Brits had a 3rd rate, a frigate and four brigs. The Spanish had a 3rd rate, a frigate, two brigs, a large merchant and a small merchant. The Brits had slightly…[Read more]

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    I use them under the ships cards, not on the table. I slide them in/out as the level of sail requires. Works fine. So they do have their function to indicate the level of sail, but do not hinder play. I find it much easier to move the ships around without the wake markers.