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    I find the rules to get into a line of battle somewhat cumbersome. One has to get very precisely with ones bow onto the wake marker of the ship sailing in front. Ships must sail at battle sails. Given the fact that ships are obliged to sail their entire move, this might prove rather difficult. Further more wake makers vary in size according to the size of the ship. Also the nescessity of sailing at battle sails precludes forming line of battle when sailing close to the wind (only light sails allowed).

    Ships could vary their speed to a degree when sailing at specific set of sails. They could somewhat decrease their speed by ‘spilling the wind’. They’d loosen the sheets of some sails, so that the wind would not get hold of the full sail, thus defreasing speed. Also, I do not use the wake markers on the tabletop (but with the ships cards instead). With this in mind I drafted the following house rule.

    To form a line of battle both ships have to be at either easy sail of battle sail. Next turn, when they start to act as a line, both ships must have the same level of sails. The ship that tries to join/form the line (player must state this beforhand) must and with its bow within 3″ of the other ships stern or with its stern in front of the bow when joining to the front. Furthermore the forming ship may be at an angle of no more than one allowed turn (red or yellow as per ship). Next turn, when the ships start to act as a line, the ship has to turn so it comes truely ‘in line’. Finally, a ship that tries to join/form a line may reduce its speed with a maximum of one inch so as to facilitate ending within the 3″mark. Note that the 3″ are to be measured in a straigth line as if it were the firing range of stern/bow chacers.

    I find this a more realistic aproach

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