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    Trying to run a tournament or getting new players interested in BRS is getting harder and harder because there is no source for a complete set of Doctrine , Theatre and Equipment cards. This isn’t just about the much delayed new Midway starter set, as that will not include everything, or indeed all the cards from the BoB starter set. We need an easily accessible source of cards so that new players and tournament players can  join in. Please consider a  complete set of cards as a matter of some urgency. Thanks


    could be done in several ways –
    1 box of everything – 1 box to rule them all
    1 box of each type – 1 for eqipment, 1 for doctrines etc
    1 box of the cards found in one nations aircraft boxes – eg 1 box that has all the Russian squadron & Ace box cards
    or 1 box of every card NOT found in a nations boxes – eg the Russian box has all the cards that ARENT found in a Russian squadron or Ace box

    Out of preferance I’d like the 4th option!  Makes collecting a single nation easier.

    Just an idea


    Hopefully the demand has been noted. I suppose the fact we have 4 options in your response shows that Warlord will struggle to keep everyone happy, but it certainly needs something

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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