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    Hello all,

    Want to give the game a try but the only ancients/medievals I have are 15mm based up for DBM (40mm frontages)

    Our table is 6 x 4. So we need a reduction in scale to deal with the not-a-12′-long-table ,as well as smaller figure size.

    We can’t use 28mm frontages as the number of figures needed would skyrocket.  I know the anything would be ok, as long as consistency ensures, but others must have found a good solution already.



    Big Al

    Steve, Hail Caesar can be played with any figures based for any system and any scale.

    we’ve played with armies based for DBM and in 15mm. I would suggest using centimetres for movement and ranges because it is a straight switch with no maths involved whatsoever. Some will suggest using 2/3rds distances and all sorts. I don’t care how simple the maths is, it is not as easy as just changing from inches to centimetres.

    As to figures, there is no figure count and because you’ll be providing both sides or playing with someone whose armies are based to the same system as yours, everything is quite simple. Just choose how many bases will constitute a standard unit and work from there. We used four bases to represent a standard unit.

    After that, it is easy to adjust for unit size. A large unit might have six bases and a small unit just two, with a tiny unit just a single base. Elephants and artillery, just use the bases that you already have. Everything else works just fine.


    Cheers Al, those base numbers you just mentioned are what we used for our first game. But cm instead of inches eh…..mmm

    Will try it.





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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