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    I really like the painting guides that came with the introductory starter game. However, I would like to get painting guidance of the same quality and detail for the Imperial Japanese Fleet and the U.S. Navy Fleet sets. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

    Much obliged in advance.

    Sam Wilson

    Big Al

    There is something in the latest Wargames Illustrated (the one with the PT boats or Torpedo sprue) but it is only for the small boats and not the larger vessels in the fleet sets. Still useful, though.

    invisible officer

    There had been so many painting variants that a general guide is futile.

    Take for example the ones in Wargames Illustrated 375. The ELCO one is OK for some (not all) pacific boats but useless for those that served in European Waters.
    The Schnellboot one shows an early war boat but the Grey is too dark for “Schnellbootweiß”. Camo or darker grey was used later on boats that served in daylight. Add the individual local variants and you see that a General guide is impossible.

    Well, in same Magazine we learn how to replace a missing antenna with a cocktail stick. :-0
    Cute, the broken thing he wants to replace is the aft compass housing. The antenna mast was aft of that, thin wire size.

    There are many books on ships painting and camo.

    Never forget that many camos are not identical on both sides of ship.

    Decks can be tricky. Japanese often used a reddish Linoleum. In all navies metal decks got painted and wood sometimes too. Not to forget that Wood and Wood is not looking the same.

    Matt Price

    I too would love USN and IJN painting guides. I’m new to WWII navies… And really have nothing but the pics on the boxes to go by (and also don’t have access to those sold-out issues of Wargamer Illustrated)

    Hope we might get something posted online here or elsewhere soon. Thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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