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    Good day.

    We`re playing BP using AT vol.2 army lists.

    For french player are avaliable 0-2 foot batteries from divisional assets (no more than 1 per 4 battalions) and 0-1 foot batteries from army and corps level (no more than 1 per 4 battalions)/ If he takes 8 inf. battalions, can he take 3 batteries (2 form divison lebel and 1 from army/corps), or 1 per 4 works for foot batteries in cumulative way?
    Same with the horse ones:
    Can he add two horse batteries to cavalry brigade consisting of 2 regiments (1 bat from division and 1 from corps/army) or 1 per 2 cav regiments is limit for horse batteriea at all?

    Charge The Guns

    Hi Igor, sorry you’ve not had a reply. I took a look at AT2 and I agree it is confusing as written, once you get in to the reserve options.

    Perhaps not the option you want, but I would go back to the actual orbats for the Hundred Days, decide what sort of force you’re trying to model, and use that as a guide. For example, an isolated French Line division of 8 battalions would have to rely on a single foot battery. If the Emporer saw fit you could be bolstered by reserves but I would think this would be part of a much bigger game.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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