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    Dave Morris

    Our group is new to playing Pike and Shotte, but are enjoying it. We are still grappling with interpretation of some rules, especially that on Disorder, which is fairly critical.

    Disorder is inflicted by “6s” on shooting, movement of certain units across obstacles or through other units. The rules also mention disorder as a result of combat, but I can’t find how this happens. Are all units automatically disordered as a result of a combat round? Or is it only units which are forced to retire? Or not at all?

    We are also unclear as to whether a disordered unit can receive a “Rally” order. In the main section on orders it states that disordered units cannot be given an order in the Command phase. The section on “Rally order” says it can be given to ANY unit within 12 inches of the Commander. Can anybody clarify for us please?

    Charge The Guns

    Hi Dave, Glad to hear your enjoying your games of Pike & Shotte.  Hope I can clarify the bits that are causing confusion.

    The Disorder from melee is as a result of a Break Test.  If you look at the Break Test Result Table on page 76 you will see that when units are forced to retire as a break test result that they also become disordered.

    Disordered units can not receive any orders.  This trumps Rally or any other sort of order.  (I think the “any” in the Rally wording is just saying that you can choose a unit to give the order to). It is worth noting that Disordered units do have an option to retire using initiative (see page 37).

    Hope this helps?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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