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  • I think it would have to be dependent on the scenario; there are several instances in the ECW where a “wing” of an army contained both cavalry and infantry. If you want to restrict a Commander to one arm only, then you will need to add in some extra commanders, which might skew the game, as it would perhaps make one army a bit more likely to act…[Read more]

  • Rules allow both options, but for ECW I prefer “combined units”, unless historical scenario suggests otherwise ( for example, some of the smaller battles involving Cheshire Foot seem to have been “ musket heavy” on the Parliamentary side).The whole point of having pikemen and musketeers in a unit was to offer mutual support. We have used the “ T…[Read more]

  • The original Pike and Shotte rules simply used small/ standard/ large to describe units and gave a frontages for each. I worked on the basis that standard was about 600 men for infantry, 300 for cavalry. Three of the Epic bases side by side gives a frontage of 18cm, which fits into the “standard”  range. Given the inflexibility of the models, not…[Read more]

  • Might be able to work it out from this blurb on Warlord site:-

    • Tan and grey hard plastic figures: 6 mounted battalia commanders, 6 ensigns, 6 mounted cornets, 14 combined pike & shot regiments (80 soldiers each), 36 commanded shotte, 60 cavalry, 12 cuirassiers, 18 mounted dragoons, 30 dismounted dragoons, 6 Saker cannon and 6 Falconet light…

    [Read more]

  • Isn’t doing it like that effectively just the same as RAW ? Really just splitting up the move in a different way? A player will see the effect of shooting before deciding what they want the unit to do. If we do try it, I think we will stick to Order/shoot/ move/etc

    In our club set of rules, we use “ Order Cards”, which are laid face down again…[Read more]

  • @ Rough Rider

    i assume you play as normal: state your intentions clearly BEFORE you do anything, i.e. Give your orders THEN do any firing, move the figures, defenders give closing fire if appropriate and resolve combats, if there are any.

    it is only the order  in which firing and moving are carried out that changes.


  • @Charge the Guns.

    I understand the point you  make re maximum movement and re- reading that paragraph agree that your interpretation is better than mine. I have only recently come back to Pike and Shotte rules, literally in the last two months, having last played in 2017 with a previous club, so still getting to grips with some of the su…[Read more]

  • Swedish musketeers (and McColla’s Irish brigade in Montrose’s campaign, who used similar tactic) get Hand to Hand of 4, whereas most musketeers only get 3. That reflects the Swedish salvo just before contact. If you wanted to, you could order an advance to within 6 inches before giving fire.Swedes have First Fire rule, so get 1 extra firing dic…[Read more]

  • I am not assuming anything; simply pointing out that, in my opinion (which  is obviously not yours)  it is against  “the spirit  of the rules”. If you want to  advance and fire before finally charging in, give that as your order, don’t try to gain unfair advantage from bad luck on your dice throw or a miscalculation of distance by effectiv…[Read more]

  • I think “ Charge the Guns” is technically correct and there is probably some historical justification for firing immediately before charging, however my feeling is that to do so when you have not got enough command points to make contact is against the spirit of the rules. I refer you to the section “ State your Intention to Charge” halfway…[Read more]

  • Page 83 explains how they are used in these rules (which may not be as used in reality). They have one free mount or dismount move per turn and only fire dismounted.

  • Our group is new to playing Pike and Shotte, but are enjoying it. We are still grappling with interpretation of some rules, especially that on Disorder, which is fairly critical.

    Disorder is inflicted by “6s” on shooting, movement of certain units across obstacles or through other units. The rules also mention disorder as a result of combat, but…[Read more]

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