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    Donald Linn

    Has anyone else noticed that Churchills have been omitted from the lists for Italy in 1943? While the Tank Brigades were not deployed in Sicily, they were heavily involved in the fighting on the mainland (21st and 25th tank Brigades)


    Yes, I have noticed this as well. I think it is because the Soft Underbelly campaign book focuses on the events, situations, and actions of the Sicilian campaign, and only the first stages/phases on the Italian mainland. I believe it is for this reason the Churchill tank was not included in this campaign book. However, it does say under “About this Book” on page 6 that;

    “In addition to the Bolt Action rulebook, the reader may
    need access to one or more of the ‘Armies of ’ books which
    provide rules for many of the units and equipment used by
    the armies in this book, mainly those found in the Armies
    of the United States, Armies of Great Britain, Armies of
    Germany, and Armies of Italy and the Axis supplements.”

    So indirectly, the Churchill tank is included even if none of the New Theatre Selectors for the British have it as a choice.

    Donald Linn

    It is in the Monte Cassino list, certainly.

    The Churchill regiments in Italy, up till the end of 43 were equipped with a mix of MkIII, IV, V, IVNA, and Shermans. Usually there were 2 troops of Shermans in each squadron..

    Apparently the IVNA was not popular because the gun controls were on the wrong side of the turret, and had to be worked by linkages.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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