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    Fred Brannan

    I recently painted up some Americans to include rangers and I ended up spit-balling a possible situation. Deployment for Top Secret like many scenarios is at least 12 inches from the centerline of the table. Rangers get a 12 inch move under “Rangers lead the way” before starting turn one. Assuming the objective counter to be an inch or so in diameter leaves the rangers within 12 inches of the objective. Therefore, they could conceivably start turn one already in possession of the objection, terrain allowing. I wouldn’t do this in a friendly game (probably) but, in a tournament I might be tempted. Everything is within the rules of the game if not the spirit of the scenario. How would a referee handle such a nutroll, aside from “I say you can’t”? This isn’t covered anywhere in writing so we found ourselves in un-charted waters. Let’s hear some thoughts on this decidedly crap-weasel move.

    Stuart Harrison

    Not sure how you are getting this.

    Top secret there are no units set up on the table – all units start in reserve. (last paragraph of set-up, MRB, p138)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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