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    invisible officer

    At last my book arrived. Sent by Warlord 21st January, delivery 7th April.   Inside Western Europe, normally 1 week DHL transport time.  Not opened by customs and no sign of custom treatment at all. (Normally a green sticker with  note)

    So UPS had the packet all the weeks in a depot.  I got many notes with intended delivery dates but until last week no change of location, some apes hitting ………..



    All my friends shaked heads on hearing UPS.   Here UPS has a very bad reputation. In all tests it ranks last of the big carriers.

    The new minimum p/p system is not making me happy but with a delivery time like that I will not order anything in the next time. If I see something in my local shop I will buy, but not by mail order.


    I agree 100%. My current order has been sitting in the UPS depot for almost 2 weeks.  I am not blaming Warlord at all, who always do their best to get stuff out , as they are overworked.  When I learned my latest order was using UPS my heart sank – their reputation as an international joke precedes them.  And this, my first experience of them, will be my last.

    I cannot consider ordering any more from Warlord whilst they use this courier. Hope they change couriers. I will of course support them when I get back to the UK.

    I instructed Warlord to cancel the order, a big one, and get a refund, as there is no excuse for UPS keeping the box in their own depot for 2 weeks. Not for the price I paid for their “service”.

    I ordered stuff mid-pandemic from Warlord and they, using their previous courier, still got stuff out there, which was excellent! So I know the reason is purely UPS, not Warlord, or customs or anyone else.  Absolute clowns.



    Seems we are not the only two to notice the declines of the delivery service.   UPS…why oh why. :p


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