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    Hi All,

    Had my second go with BP today, and a resounding Austrian victory. We did however have an issue come up where we were not 100% what to do. We had an infantry unit standing next to an artillery battery. Just under 12 inches away to their front were 2 dragoon regiments. As we unerstood it, you cannot charge the artillery without also charging the unit next to it. So, using initiative, the first dragoon regiment charged the infantry how promptly formed square. If it had sufficent movement, could the cavalry have then redirect their charge to contact the guns, or would they not be permitted to contact the square? Alternatively coule teh 2nd dragoon regiment charge the artillery, or would this be prevented by the square.

    What we opted to do instead was the have the first dragoon regiment charge another unit, whilst the second dragoon regiment charged the artillery.




    Basic Rule

    Normally, you can only “charge” the target of the charge.  So you would have had to declare both units the target of your charge. In that instance, both units were legitimate targets of the charge, while the cavalry is allowed to discontinue its charge against the square once it closes to 3″ from the square, it is not automatically precluded from carrying out the rest of its order and redirect itself against the artillery since it was also the target of the charge with the remainder of its movement.

    Warning: House Rule

    Our groups has used a “House” rule, that allows infantry and cavalry to “support” artillery.  So in your situation, the artillerists could take shelter in the square… if they opts to do so.  They cannot recrew the artillery as long as the infantry is required to stay in square.  Artillery taking shelter in the square cannot issue closing fire.  Leave the gun model where it was, but note the crew is in the square.  We even allow artillery to take shelter with the infantry when infantry is within 3″ of the artillery and not in square or the “target” of the charge…


    Thanks Mike.



    Garry Wills

    Hello, I am not sure that once the square is formed, assuming that it is still adjacent to the artillery, that the artillery could be contacted, because you can’t contact one without the other (p.63) and the cavalry can’t charge home on the square. Thus the gunners are protected by the square without a house rule. Just a thought.



    Big Al

    Late to this, yet again!😁

    I agree with Garry’s interpretation. Depending on how the square is formed, the artillery will be protected by the square.

    However, you say that there was another unit of dragoons. Depending on the position of that unit, if it starts the turn within the flank quarter of the artillery, it could still charge the artillery in the flank. Unfortunately for the artillery, it could not shoot at the dragoons because it is in the flank. If you were to move that unit of dragoons first, the second would force the infantry into square and not suffer any closing fire.

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