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    Hello Gents,

    I am Hungarian, so I get very excited when I discovered the planned Campaign: Fortress Budapest book on Amazon for pre-order 21.03.2019.
    Unfortunatelly, the Armies of Axis was not too accurate about the Hungarian Army, so I hope the new book will solve these problems. Just an example Hungary was a kingdom, but without king, we had a governor. The BA army book name Milkós Horthy as a king. To make the situation more confusing he was a governor and an ex Austro-Hungarian admiral (Battle of the Strait of Otranto 1917), but we had no port or fleet that time. 😀 So really need to focus if you want to make a good accurate job.

    So I would like to recomend Mr Norbert Számvéber he is the leading Historian of the Hungarian Army Museum, his speciality is the armoured warfare 1944-45 in Hungary. His next book will be realesed 19.10.2018. Armoured Warfare in the Battle for Budapest. So if nothing else then please use this book as a reference. He is working on his topic continously, so every 5-7 years he is updating his works and make second or third editions, correcting and improving his books. His other work:
    Days of Battle: Armoured operations north of the River Danube, Hungary 1944–45, is less than 3GBP for Kindle. Not a big investement I think. So I am not making business advertising here, just would like to see a very good book from Warlord Games.

    invisible officer

    The new Számvéber Edition will be far too late for a book that is scheduled for march.

    I would bet a full 1 Euro that there is no Horthy king fuss.

    Russell D

    I am very much looking forward to the new Budapest book.

    I hope there is a Theatre Selector for the Romanians in the book, covering the period they fought for the Allied side. The existing theatre selectors and nationality rules assumed the alliance with Germany, which doesn’t work for late 44/45.

    I also think there is potential for great 4-player games in Budapest, Hungarian + Germany vs Russia + Romania.


    Yes I agree, the best choice from the gamer point of view is a Romanian army.
    Well, I hope it will be no silly mistakes again. Also hope to have more accurate units, like Turan tanks and Zrinyi assault guns can have schürzen armour.

    Slyde Klewlis

    Thorough research with accurate equipment details and descriptions in all the books and all the models available for each entry in the web store; keep dreaming.


    Well Dear Slyde Klewlis,

    I do already made half of your dreams come true. I play in 20mm, so I have all the models available. 😛 So no dreaming, gaming. 😀
    I only need the 1944-45 Hungarian list to be accurate in the new book, not a big issue I think.

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