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    I was wondering, did the Russian receive and use any AVRE’s?

    Alan Hamilton

    The short answer is no. Only Churchill Mks III and IV were sent and a number of these were lost in transit in the Arctic convoys. The number 344 is in my memory but I am not sure if it is the number sent or received. Only about 180 AVREs were converted and as far as I am aware only served operationally in the British army from 1944 onwards.

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    Greg S

    There’s a list here:


    If you are wanting to use a Soviet vehicle in this role, the nearest they had were their Assault Guns such as the SU-122, ISU-122 or ISU-152.
    They would fire huge HE shells at German strongpoints, these were almost as damaging as the AVRE’s Petard and had considerably longer range.

    Alan Tibbetts

    If you are looking for specialized Soviet assault vehicles there are several flamethrower tanks, the PT-34 mine clearing attachment and the aforementioned assault guns along with the KV-2.

    Soviets now have the Mounted Recon Squad (regular or veteran) which can have a flamethrower and “counts as Infantry for the purposes of the generic Reinforced Platoon Selector” or “may be taken as an additional infantry squad option in any of the Soviet Theater Selections from 1943 on in the Armies of the Soviet Union book.”

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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