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    Just considering adding a mortar Bren carrier but I’m a touch confused on how they operate so please bear with me if questions are stupid!

    1; I assume the Bren can advance and the mortar still fire but obviously needing a six to hit the target

    2; Assuming the above is correct do you get the benefit of “dialling in” if moving BUT shooting at the same target (provided that hasn’t moved either)

    3; For the points I assume you get the mortar crew as well (at the relevant experience) and they can de-buss, set up and the Bren go and do another transport job (as it’s states in the British Armies book)

    I assume some of these maybe “house rules” but just wanted to know if anyone had tried it

    Stuart Harrison

    1.  Yes.  Vehicles don’t suffer from the ‘fixed’ rule, which is what stops infantry medium and heavy mortars etc from moving and firing.

    2.  No ranging in benefit if either the target or the firer has moved since the last shot.

    3.  No.  You get a vehicle with a mortar as it’s weapon, effectively a self propelled mortar.  It’s not a transport carrying a unit – if it was, you wouldn’t be able to fire the mortar until the mortar unit dismounted.  It would also cost 110 points as regular instead of 80 points – Bren Carrier plus medium mortar.


    “It would also cost 110 points as regular instead of 80 points – Bren Carrier plus medium mortar”

    I don’t think your cost points are correct, a Bren carrier is 70, the Mortar is 50, the adding the points together would be 120.

    However, when a weapon is added to a vehicle the cost is normally reduced.

    For example, adding a MMG to a vehicle costs 15 points, not the 50 points for a stand-alone MMG.

    The german 251/1 transport costs 89 points, adding a mortar (50 points) making it a 251/2 does not cost 149, the actual cost is 100.

    I think the cost of the Bren with a medium mortar should be closer to 100 (or slightly less).


    Stuart Harrison

    @Danny – the Bren Carrier is 60 points at regular, AoGB p57.   The MRB version is 70 points, but the MRB doesn’t have the mortar carrier version under discussion.  The difference in price is the MRB version having recce where the army book doesn’t.


    You’re correct.  I did misread it.

    My apologies.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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