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    Mat Sheffield

    Hi everyone.

    The Rules Pack was released for the 2019 GT earlier today, which as I write this is still over 9 months away. A few people have been engaged in the process of “feedback” (by which I mean complaining and arguing with each other) over on the BA Facebook group, and already a few questions and comments have come up.

    So, rather than have the same conversation every week or so for the next year I thought I’d start this thread so we can seek some official clarification, and so the answers can be preserved.

    Before asking questions though, I thought this should start with an acknowledgement that the early rules pack is very welcome, and shows clear signs that people’s concerns after last year were listened too. Good job!

    Which leads us to semi-urgent questions.

    (Question 1)

    The most pressing questions regards army composition.

    Under the heading “Force Selection”, we are are told that:

    “Armies must consist of either a single reinforced infantry platoon or single tank platoon”

    However, under the heading “Army Selectors” we are told;

    “Armies can be drawn from the following lists…”

    which is followed by a list of source books.

    So which is it?

    Are we limited to choosing only generic reinforced and generic armoured selectors (in which case everyone is choosing from the same two selectors), or are we allowed unique theater selectors from any of the available, listed, source books?

    The wording of the rules pack certainly implies the latter, but it can definitely be read both ways…

    (Question 2)

    Following on from that, do the divisions into 750/1000/1250 point forces all have to share the same selector, as well as army or source book?

    Let’s assume I build a 1250-point armoured platoon. Could my 750 point force (or the 1000 point one) be an infantry platoon, so long as it meets the condition of being taken from units that form(ed?) part of the armoured platoon?

    (Question 3)

    Lastly, we play three games of 750, 2 of 1000 and 1 of 1250, in that order.

    But do the lists for each point-band have to remain the same? Do all three games at 750 points, or both of the 1000 point games, have to be with the same list, or can we vary it from game to game?

    In other words, are we talking three lists (one for each point value), 6 lists (one for each game), or some combination thereof?

    Thanks in advance for engaging and for clarifying.

    Stuart Harrison

    1 is easy without input from the TO.

    Whether you are using the generic selector or a theatre selector, you are in fact choosing a reinforced platoon.

    Saying “single reinforced platoon” doesn’t specify anything about generic unless you have fallen into the trap of incorrect terminology. Look at any theatre selector, last para, ie: Zhukov Takes Command, AoSU p64, “A Soviet force for the Leningrad approaches must consist of one or more reinforced platoons picked from the following Army List. Each reinforced platoon is made up as follows:”

    The fact they went on to list the various source books makes it fairly clear the intent wasn’t as per the mistaken (though common) terminology.


    Reminds me of the ol’ days when Dark Heresy came out and the coma (,) was seemingly an alien concept.

    1-One platoon infantry/armoured MAX. You can take them from any book, including campagin books (for a thematic platoon rather than a generic one)

    2-it states that the 750 and 1000 must be made from the ‘full’ 1250 list.

    3-I’d assume so, I never heard of a tourney where one can change his list from game to game.

    Mat Sheffield


    A couple of points of clarification.

    RE question 1, I quite agree with you both. The plain intent, so far as I was concerned at least, was that it was any selector from the available listed books. However others did ask so it was worth asking here for clarification. As I say, the implication and intent of the rules pack seemed to be obvious to me, but it wont have done for everyone.

    Re question 2, I think you have misunderstood me Braddoc.

    I do not question, and nor did anyone else, weather the 750 and 1000 need to be made out of the units that comprise your 1250: they clearly do. The question is, do the 750 and 1000 have to use the same selector as the 1250, in addition to the same pool of ‘units’?

    If my 1250 point list is, say, the Soviet Stalingrad selector, do all my lists need to be Stalingrad selectors, or can I use other Soviet alternatives for the different point bands?

    Is that clearer?

    Re Question 3, again I agree with Braddoc, I feel the intent was clearly that the lists should be consistent across points bands. But, while this is standard tournament practice, it isn’t stated explicitly that they need to be the same, and people have asked the question.


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