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    Hello again,

    Developing my first battlefield for Elixheim. I went cheap for starters. Bought a 6′ x 4′ green felt fabric to be my battle mat and some other felt fabrics to be my rivers, roads, and fields.

    The fields turn out be be very small if I go exactly with images from the map on the battlefield. I’ll probably fudge this to make the battlefield work.

    Anyways, The line frontage of an infantry unit is 9 1/2″. This puts them in a lot of smaller fields where they can hold at the hedges but would have to curve the line some at the corners. I read the 2ed rules. say’s a unit needs to spend a move to correct the problem and make a straight line before it can move again. Okay no problem with that.

    However, let’s say I’m playing defensively and I want to hold at the corner of a hedge or wall. Can I stay “bent” until I decide to move or am forced to due to attack?

    Also, how does it affect shooting or hand-to-hand combat? Especially if the line is bent evenly (say I have a 6 base 24 figure infantry unit. 3 bases are holding one side and the other 3 bases are on the other. which side would I make primary? The side with the leader? How are dice split in such a situation).

    Thanks for all your time


    Also, this leads to a peeve i’m having with the scenario rules. Map sizes aren’t given. I get this in that playing with different size miniatures will mean different size maps (6 mm require less battle mat than 28 mm). I wish a chart was made for the scenarios giving recommended sizes for the type of miniatures being used (i.e. “In this scenario recommend a 6′ x 4′ for 28 mm, 4′ x 2′ for 15 mm, etc).


    for  board sizes, the did say (although it might be v1) that they playtested on a 8′ 6′ board.

    For bent lines, I’ve read it as IF you move, you need 1 order to straighten the line before heading off….ie you want to move 6″ down the road you need two orders

    Charge The Guns

    Hi George,

    If you want to stay and defend the field then the unit can stay ‘bent’ as long as it stays there.  As this is a non-standard situation then I suggest agree a suitable method to allocate dice with your opponent.  Perhaps randomise which side gets the extra dice each turn?  You could also consider using the rules for buildings for troops defending enclosures.

    With these sorts of terrain we have found it is key to agree how they work at the start of the game and that way everyone knows what to expect.

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