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    Hello all, this is my first post and very much a newbie question.

    My pal has the rulebook (I presume it is BP2) and is creating a French Peninsular army. I have joined in to do the British and Portuguese.

    He is basing his  4 figs on 40 x 40mm. (ie a 20mm frontage per figure) However, I had not really decided on a ruleset yet and wanted to leave my options open for trying other systems. Before we decided to join resources and game it as a joint project, I was leaning heavily towards a 15mm per figure frontage, so my bases would be only 30mm wide compared to his 40mm.

    This would give each of us wildly different unit frontages for every size of unit.

    My question is,  would this affect the rules at all, if we are both OK with it ? I was even considering basing my Light Infantry and Rifles on the 3-2-1 circular basing system which has becoming popular.  Would that work too?

    Thanks in advance for any replies, advice.

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    Big Al

    Not so. All of my units are based for the ruleset In The Grand Manner, which just happens to be the same size as the bases included in the plastic boxes by Perry Miniatures. So my infantry units are 6 figures to a base and 6 bases of 45x40mm. That gives a frontage of 270mm. I often play against units of 6 bases on 40x40mm bases and a frontage of 240mm. It works perfectly well. Units match up well with very little difference.

    And don’t forget that there is no figure count in the game.


    Thanks Big Al. That is encouraging.

    I didn’t know that about figure count.  (I haven’t got a copy of the rules yet). My pal told me that Standard units are 24 figures, Large units are 36 figures and Small units are 12 figures.  Maybe that is something he has worked out as a standard for himself. I have been organising units working to that.


    v1 was that (set number of models per grouping /unit), v2 gives an approximate frontage per unit… its very similar in overall size…

    ie a Normal sized unit of 24 models with a base of 15-20mm frontage per model works out +/-20 mm of the v2 frontage…. heres a table I drew up for my group as a reference

    Unit Sizes

    size Tiny small standard large
    Type 1-3 stands 4-5 6-7 8+
    Infantry 4 figs per stand
    15-25 mm x  15- 25 mm per fig
    Cavalry 2 figs per stand
    25-30 mm x 50 mm per fig


    1 gun (half battery) 2 guns (standard) 3 guns (large)
    60-80mm x 60-100mm per gun
    Commander single commander, round base as modelled
    Group with commander, round or square as modelled


    Note, Skirmishers do not have to be individually mounted & stands dont have to be a single base

    EDIT  – sorry forum has messed up the formatting… its from the file in the Chelmsford Bunker – Napoleons Wars thread

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    Big Al

    In the v1 rulebook, all of the photos are of units based 6 figures to a base on 45x40mm bases. In the V2 rulebook all figures are Warlord Games figures using 4 figures to a 40x40mm base. The really strange thing is that Warlord don’t include a set of bases in their plastic figure sets. It would help if they did, really.


    Nat that was a really useful table thank you.

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