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    Hey guys and gals,

    I was just wondering why we don’t let tanks zero in under the same rules as howitzers are mortars. Obviously this would only be for the pain gun, no multi shot guns or something to that effect. As we see so often to tanks not moving, pot shotting each other which really isn’t great. I feel the ability for tanks to zero in the same way as artillery would be great for them and also encourage movement. There is nothing worse than a bunch of guys in hard cover going to ground and being too damn safe from you large tanks HE shots only becuase it is an ATG and not a howitzer.

    Also I feel this will encourage tanks to move to ‘lose’ zero’d shots on them, while allowing heavy and super heavy tanks a little more use out of their high cost/armour by maybe not caring about moving as much.

    Any way what are peoples thoughts?

    Stuart Harrison

    Simplest reason is to distinguish two separate game mechanics, direct fire affected by modifiers and indirect fire with a range in process and no modifiers.

    Bolt Action never claimed to be (or aspired to become) a simulation and trying to make it one will drive you nuts.

    Bill M.


    I like your idea! Will try it out.



    I don’t think tankers were trained that way. Stugs were supposed to be better shots as they were trained by the artillery.

    John Stallard

    great idea mate as ever here at WG if it feels good do it….

    I also play a house rule that if you have parked a second vehicle right next to a targeted vehicle,it suffers the penalty of a plus one to be hit , as the firer has zeroed in on that exact range… good plan john stallard


    Oh may need to give that a crack John!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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