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    I am sure asked somewhere before me, but couldn’t find a direct answer. Action cards, is there a reason that the backs are different when we shuffle them together? I would figure that the ace cards and the action cards would carry a same back so that there isn’t the ability to know what is coming? Does that make sense?
    I just want to make sure that we are shuffling cards that have different backs for the action deck?


    Not sure
    I know it is deliberate. I think the idea is you do have an indication of what’s coming next


    Hi Alan, Andy Chambers did answer you in the Rules thread. And has included your question in the FAQ.. which he’s added the latest version to page 11 of the Rules thread

    Basically its a feature, and if you want to keep a complete ‘fog of war’ then use card sleeves.

    EDIT – oh and to add, I like that they have different backs, as it makes sorting them out for storage easier. Also means you can do a blind Ace Skills selection :p

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    Thanks. I had checked there but didn’t see. Sure I missed it. Thanks for the reply. I understand making it easier to sort, just find it hard to shuffle when I can see the backs. This is why I asked as I thought I was missing something.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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