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    Dears, I’m new to Bolt Action and just starting to build two armies, USA + Germany.

    I noticed that there’s a difference between the photographs of artillery and what’s in the box. PAK-40; Nebelwerfer, 57mm light artillery, etc: almost always the photograph of the product shows a rather large rectangular base, while in the box there’s a much smaller base for the gun, and several 25mm bases for the soldiers.
    I wonder why the difference? And do I best build it with the bases provided in the box, or should I build artillery and soldiers together on one larger base?
    some guidance would be welcome, thanks.

    Nigel Heather

    I have had this dilemma too.  The advantage of a single base is that you can pose the crew accurately, add accessories and make a little diorama and of course it can all be positioned and moved as a single piece.  But advantage of having the crew separate is that they can be removed one by one as the gun takes casualties – otherwise you would need some form of marker to show how many of the crew are dead.

    A compromise that I am meaning to try is to build the diorama but with all but the last crewman on their own bases – magnetised so they fit in the correct positions on the big diorama base.  Best of both worlds but a good deal more work.




    Dont forget that as far as the rules are concerned each crewman is considered to be on their own 25mm round base.  This is important for working out templates, and distance between the crew and the gun (its meassured to the breach of the gun).

    Having said that I play that if you hit the gun with a certain size template (3″) I just say you hit all the crew without needing the template irrespective of where they are!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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