Any on-line guides to the “bits” for the Somua S-35?

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    Having problems finishing off making the Warlord Somua S-35.  There are several small bits (on metal sprues) to go on the tank, but I have no idea whereabouts on the model they are supposed to go.  Can anyone help, or provide a link to an on-line guide?



    Nigel Heather

    Can you tell from the photos here

    Must admit, this is a personally irritation with resin and white metal models, not just Warlord but they are a continual offender.  It irks me when I am faced with a set of white metal parts with no instructions, no clear location points – especially given that the moulding is often vague so even where you know where they are meant to go they don’t really fit without work.

    Maybe if you put up a photo we could help you guess.

    Apart from towing eyes, the exhaust and the commanders hatch/seat I can’t imagine what they could be.


    Nigel,  Thanks for the reply – and the pics, which were useful.  There are five distinct pieces on the sprue, two of which I can have a good stab at based on the photos – the others are anyone’s guess.  I’ll try and post a photo of all five on here tomorrow.


    invisible officer

    Its a long time since I built my resin one.

    Towing hook, towing rings, rear turret door, gun barrel.


    Thanks, very useful.  The door and the gun barrel were fairly obvious – the towing apparatus less so.  There’s also what looks like a radio aerial stub, which seems to locate in the little tub on the right rear end of the mudflaps, and what looks like a headlight shaped like a dome cut in half – no idea where that goes.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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