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    Russell D

    I’m brand new to this game, I have built a Soviet army (only three more models to paint!) and my opponent has a German force.

    I now want to start a second army, which I can use both to play against my friend’s Germans and which I can also use as opponents to my Russians (e.g. to introduce a friend to the game, where I supply both sides).

    I had decided on Finnish, but didn’t like the miniatures, so I am now thinking about Romanians.

    Romanians will be fine fighting the Russians obviously. Are there any rules to cover the last year of the war when Romania joined the allies? The problem is that the special Romanian rules where you get a free non-veteran German unit doesn’t make sense if you are fighting Germans. If there are no official rules, I thought I could change the rule to allowing a free non-veteran Russian unit?

    Any thoughts? Just don’t want to buy a whole army’s worth of Romanians until I’m sure this is going to work!

    Slyde Klewlis

    Try doing a search here
    for Romanians and read through the WWII threads.

    invisible officer

    The special Romanian rules might get changed into a non veteran Soviet unit.
    Historically the Soviets did not trust the Romanians (or Polish) in 45. So they send some guys to look what they do.

    The orders given to the “allies” had been often suicide ones. Intended to weaken the forces for political reasons.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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