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    Greetings. Some questions about rules.
    1) “Albion triumphant vol. 1”. On p. 66 combined grenadires have shooting value of 4, while on p. 106 this value is 3. What`correct one?
    2) “Albion Triumphant vol. 2” On p. 56 combined grenadiers and combinesd voltigeres have different stats than on p. 118. Which one`s are correct?

    Dr Dave

    1. In AT1 I think the author meant it to be 3 – they’d be no better shots than the rest of the line. Their bulked together for their morale effect. As an aside the French only combined Voltiguers when the grenadiers had been combined but they were also absent, off elsewhere. Looking at the oobs you don’t see combined grenadiers AND voltiguers at the same battle. If there are combined volitiguers then there are no grenadiers in the battle. The lists missed that.

    2. Same I guess, but I don’t recall anyone using combined grenadiers in the 100 days – so perhaps a moot question and a carry over from AT1?


    One more question.
    There are explained rules for detaching light or grenadier companies from battalions. Is their point cost free? Or it must be calculated, then added to the total army`s point cost?

    Dr Dave

    I think that the combined bttns are costed separately. The impact is to reduce the parent bttns hand to hand and / or shooting dice. These effects might not be caught in the lists or points values.


    Contradictions in part2

    On page 121 (France army list)
    about cavalry brigade
    ” Note: all regiments in a brigade must be the same class
    i.e. medium or light.”

    and little later:
    “Note: up to half of all regiments in
    a brigade must be Line Light
    (Hussars, Chasseur-à-Cheval or
    Chevaux Légèr”

    And how do to understand this?

    Dr Dave

    That’s in AT2 right?

    It’s clearly a contradiction – and a little odd. Outside of the Guard (IIRC) ALL French cavalry Brigades contained just 2 regiments and they were always of the same type: hussar/hussar or dragoon/dragoon etc. And don’t get me started on the Cuirassier regts – most of these are actually tiny or small units!

    If in doubt simply go back to historical orbats. It might be the case that you’d field a division (2 cavalry Brigades in reality in 1815) but treat is as one brigade in the game?

    I only use historical orbats, so the thinking behind this is a mystery to me.

    Charge The Guns

    I’ve just checked my copy of AT2.

    On p121 the Note says:
    “Up to half of all brigade cavalry regiments chosen must be Line Light (…”.

    I agree it is confusing and perhaps mis-worded. I’d suggest that the intention was that half of the cavalry (0-2) brigades in this section must be light cavalry brigades.

    (Note that you get the heavy boys as Reserves, see page 122.)

    Must admit I’d never read the ‘army list’ bits before. As Dr. Dave, I always try and use a historical orbat.

    Dr. Dave will be pleased to know that the lists say that any Cuirassier or Carabinier unit can be downgraded to ‘small’. 🙂

    Dr Dave

    “Dr. Dave will be pleased to know that the lists say that any Cuirassier or Carabinier unit can be downgraded to ‘small’.

    Even that is a bit generous! During the 100-Days the 12 cuirassier regt have an average strength of 330, compared to a line bttn of 600 – so a shade over 1/2 the size. 4 of them are less then 300 men, and one is at 180 men. The clue to their size lies in their accomplishments on the 18th June… Tiny

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