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    Participated in Bolt Action Doubles and U.S. Nationals at Adepticon this year.

    Alot of great armies turned out.

    Here is my full report:

    Adepticon 2019-Bolt Action



    Awesome, thank you for sharing!

    Paul Nettle

    Fantastic report, many thanks for sharing and for the excellent pictures. I am really sorry to hear about the cheating incident but well done on keeping your cool.


    I’ve been playing Bolt Action for nearly 2 years now, I play either as British or Russian commander but have started to notice my regular opponents being German are starting to field the same mix of forces, I can automatically guess their army lists will always include fallscirmjager units with max assault rifles, small grendadier squads with 2 mg42 guns per squad, assault engineers with flame thrower carried in a hanomag, mortar, sniper, HMG, sdzf22 with assault cannon and if tank included stug or PantherV, last night we played a large 4000 point game per side Brit infantry and paras vs above forces with 3 panthers and a stug, needless to say although a great game the brits had little chance with Sherman’s and Cromwell’s against such enemy armour and we got our arses handed to us. What I’m getting at is where are the German Wehrmacht in all this, do all German players max out on assault rifles and engineers? Elite forces etc… my opponent was apologetic and used the argument of cost against quality vs quantity but I still feel the allies are up against elite armies all the time? What else do German players field normally and how do you beat these elite armies?

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