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    We had a situation of 1 Spanish and 1 British cavalry locked in hand combat.  The Spanish had another cavalry unit in Support, behind its friend in front, but slightly to the side.

    (1) Could the Spanish unit that is in support still do an Initiative Order to manoeuvre around and get ready for a charge to the British flank?  (I assume they cannot go from support directly in flank contact, since an example in the rulebook pretty much covers that.

    (2) When multiple units pile up on a target, do we just add all the dice together?


    Big Al

    1) Yes it can in the following turn. I am assuming that it had moved into the support position in the current turn.

    If it was in that support position at the start of the turn and able to move after the infantry units were already moved into contact, then it could move in the same turn and give up its position of support.

    2) Yes. However, you may need to use a different colour dice or roll separately if one unit was already in combat and another charged. That is because of the charge bonus giving a different “to hit” roll.


    Not sure how that could happen since cavalry retreats from melees it does not win even if it is a draw, I don’t believe it ever “locks in hand to hand combat” like infantry does.

    We conduct each melee separately.  The defender allocates the unit’s H-t-H dice against each target but never more than half of them to the unit striking its flank or rear.  Since they may not always have the same “hit” value after modifiers we roll separately for each unit attacking… but if the hit number is the same, I suppose you could roll all the dice together against the target.  After all rolling is done we determine the victor…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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